MMA training

Mike Estus has been fighting for years and has put together a 7-2 professional record.  After an 18-month layoff, Mike took to the octagon this July for a bout with Kevin Jaden of Wyoming. Mike is a 7-5 professional and retired now coaching but might come back for one more fight!

Mike says, “I commentate for fights as well. I have trained with Josh Neer, and Diaz Brothers, I have trained personally with 2 Gracie’s Cesar Gracie, kroyler gracie, and Pedro Sauer. I have Trained with all kinds of UFC/Bellator fighters and still do to this day. Also have trained with numerous black belts in jiu jitsu. I was invited to try our for the ultimate fighter in Las Vegas. Fought on UFC Fight Pass.”

Also trained with:

Josh Neer
Nick Diaz
Nate Diaz
Greg Haslor
Jeff Curran
Cesar Gracie
Koyler Gracie
Cody McKenzie
Pablo Garza
Ronda Rousey
Pedro Sauer
Lucas Gamza
Dean lister
Chris Avila
Mike Rhodes
Jordan Young
Chad Reiner
Plus many more!